Group of 18 year olds, wanting a lively holiday abroad. Where to go?

Okay, so in about two months time I am looking to book a holiday with about five other girls. We want somewhere lively, fun and fogey-free, yet safe and cheap :)
However, one of my friends can’t sit still for five minutes so somewhere with activities and facilities is greatly appreciated in order to keep her quiet! ;)
I hope we aren’t asking for too much, we can’t decide on any places to go due to the world being so big and it being our first holiday together.
Any suggestions will certainly be considered and if you can suggest any hotels/appartments that would be great!!
P.S somewhere hot please!
also we want somewhere that is a typical holiday destination, like spain/greek islands


  1. A True Space Case says:

    try someplace on the Mediterranean like Greece or Italy

  2. france maybe? around the dordogne they have fun things there. obsticals in the trees and stuff. it’s a good laugh. x

  3. andy-junior says:

    I think you should do turkey, we doing it on the beginning of may, group of lads, went last year alsol, cant stay away, maybe you lot should come :/