Is it safe for Americans to travel in South Africa?

I’m thinking about taking a vacation there. Is it safe for white Americans since there are so many whites there?


  1. Is this a joke?? You sound like a moron.

  2. Papeversomniferum says:

    As long as you’re white yeah…

    Not being rude, Im being serious!

    After the world rid themselves of the nazi’s… That is where the one’s that got away went to roost… Now since the Jewish people own everything… They decided to pick on the blacks.

    They are real tools over there!

  3. Black or white u are as safe as anyone else.

  4. Here is a pretty good site with a lot of information about staying safe in South Africa.

  5. Sout Africa is safe for trave.

  6. Thirst Quencher says:

    Just like anywhere in the world you have to be prudent. You wouldn’t go walking around some places in the US at night or leave your car doors unlocked in some neighborhoods so this is no different. Don’t let some of these people fool you, South Africa is not a picnic by any means but the fact that you are an “American” has no bearing at all. If you make intelligent decisions and just be aware of your surroundings I am sure you will be fine.

  7. Yes, it is safe for travelers. I’ve been to most main tourist attractions in Cape Town and you feel really safe. The fact that you’re white doesn’t mean anything with regard to crime really.

  8. That is my fervent prayer, as it is my dream, as well.

  9. Hi Tim.

    South Africa is as safe as you make it. If you are careless, the chances of something crime related happening to you are increased. Use common sense when traveling. The fact that you are American has no significant impact on your travels to South Africa. Many call South Africa “the world in one country”. You will find people from Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zea land, the far East, middle East and yes, many Americans, not only from the U.S, but from Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Brazil, just to name a few.

    I assure you, if you think safe, you´ll be safe….

    Please go to South Africa, you´ll have the time of your life. Guaranteed!!!!

    And “Alf” my boy. You are really being annoying with your stupid cracks at South Africa. Have you ever been there? I suppose not? Try keeping your mind occupied with something more productive. Instead of hi-lighting and criticizing the problems in S.A, why not think of solutions?

  10. TakeNoticeNow says:

    Absolutely !!! Please dont listen to Brad morris and Alfi they are just lame and stupid people who refuse to believe that white and black people can live in peace.
    South Africa is a fantastic beautifull place. I currently live in U.S and am from South Africa.(yes i am white) I would rather be in SA anyday!!We have fantastic beaches , hotels and our facilities are 1st world. Service is great (better than i have had in U.S) and i would highly recommend SA to anyone.
    Just so you know Cape Town is the best place to be, with its beautifull mountains and beaches.
    Airport Security is top rate and as long as you dont get into political conversations with Muslims you will be fine.

  11. PLEASE believe Gouwsie and TakeNotice! they are 100% right in their answers to your question!!!!! I have lived here all my life and I am a cop and really the crime is over rated!!!!!! Come to South Africa I promise you, you will LOVE it!!!!

    (Yes im a white and it makes no difference)

    Oh and btw, brad morris and alf garnett ALWAYS talk trash about south africa so don’t believe them!

  12. jack daniels says:

    Papeverso your ignorance astounds me, South Africa is as safe as you make it, i have traveled in many countries where there is a alert to all American travelers not to go and yet had no problems, just be care full and avoid red light districts and big city centers at night, that goes for any country.

  13. Motti _Shish says:

    Of course it is man! Every place has it’s dangers and it does not mean you will be exposed to them! South Africa is a great country and I love it here! I have been living here for the full 21 years of my life and I have not yet once even thought of living somewhere else! I am currently working in the South African Police Service and I have seen what the crime is like, but not everyone is a victim and it is not something that a person should be scared of! What counts is that you always remain alert and aware. As far as being white, that is not a problem at all and there will be no more racial discrimination towards you anymore than in your own country! I hope you make the right decision and decide to visit this beautiful country! Be well bro! :-)

  14. of course it is safe………………it is not safe to travel to iraq for you…………very safe here…………….brad and alf dont even stay here………….brad stays in us and alfie floats around the uk………..i was in police for 18 years and i know what happens in this country

  15. Who are you????
    Yes it’s safe here for a lily white yank to travel; check with your state department!

  16. South Africa has great people and emaculate scenery.
    Yes, statistics show that unfortunately SA has the highest rates of violent crime in the world by quite a margin. If I deny that I would be lying to you. And being white will save your skin (no pun intended) no more than being black will. Nonetheless, if you catch local tips on safety and use them, it should be a great travel experience.
    Do visit SA and enjoy!

  17. depends what part you go

  18. It is never safe enough for Americans to travel anywhere outside paradise.

  19. cindz_jess says:

    I dont understand why you would think its unsafe as there are alot of whites here, yes there are whites, coloureds and blacks here, some indians, asians , europeans.
    Just rent a car, get a road map book and get on with it, and if you spot a southafrican white, you roll down your window and shout, hoesit my maat!