What’s the biggest national holiday in the USA….?

….Thanksgiving or Christmas.

I’m English, and we don’t have Thanksgiving here. What kind of traditional things do you do on that day?
You have so many more fun days than we do. All we have is Christmas and Easter. Oh, and Bonfire Night when we “celebrate” the life of someone who tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament. LOL


  1. id want to know that too…im not american either….

  2. Chips [[And Dip]] says:

    Thanksgiving is a day we give thanks for being “seperated” and our own country.

    I think Christmas is the bigger holiday. I love Christimas!

  3. dukalink6000 says:

    It is Christmas.

    Thanksgiving is just an excuse to overeat, overdrink and say nasty things about the relatives

  4. Christmas Totaly

  5. russellmania8523 says:

    I think Christmas is the biggest holiday in Christmas. People spend alot more money during the Christmas season, then Christmas. I also have more company during christmas then any other holiday.

  6. tinamaries43 says:

    Christmas by a long shot.

  7. DRAGON LADY says:

    actually it is tax day, because everyone participates.

  8. hillevifan says:


  9. momofoneandhalf says:

    Watch football, eat alot(turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pumpkin pie) give thanks for what we have, etc

    But I think that Christmas is an even bigger holiday.

  10. Xx.Writing.on.the.Walls.xX says:

    christmas probably…

  11. trish the dish says:

    it is the 4th of july!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we eat, travel, pop fireworks, go dancing, vacation…..there is NOTHING not done on our nations anniversary. can anyone say they have popped fireworks on thanksgiving day? or xmas? no!!!!!!!!!!!!! our biggest NATIONAL day is july 4th!

  12. diggy_dawg says:


  13. I’m not American either! (Costa Rica)
    in my opinion Christmas

  14. bigdaddy5 says:

    i would have to say that the 4th of july is the biggest holiday with christmas being the one with more money spent. a for tradition on thanksgiving, its suppose to be a day to celebrate the success of the first colonist to survive on the continent. typical day for family to gather and gorge themselves on turkey dinner with potatoes, yams, cranberry sauce, vegetables, breads, most any dishes will do. there are parades to watch on the television, football games, and i think that is the day the shoppers all take the store ads and plan out the next days spree.

  15. the way i look at it, its between thanksgiving and july 4th (independence day) cause there are many religion that don’t believe on christmas. but our family believe in christmas…

    regarding thanksgiving, its a celebration between the pilgrims and the native indian friendship with the abundance harvest during the early years. and that become traditional for the american to share, celebrate and give thankful for the bounty throughout the year. traditionally served turkey dinner, candied yam, cornbread dressing, vegetables, variety of pies and now these days, they added ham or roast..usually the houses are decorated with falling leaves, pumpkins, cornucopia…

    july 4th is our independence day..there are plenty of fireworks, barbecue and get together of everyone to commemorate the freedom we gained after the civil war…..

    but for our family. the biggest is the christmas since we celebrate the birth of our lord., this is the time we share joy, peace and happiness with others, there are carolers, exchange gifts sometimes called kris kringle, gift giving to family and friends, god children’s visits, company parties, church celebration, christmas music, santa claus and the reindeers, lights and decorations all over the place, holiday shopping, the atmosphere is joyful, new stuff, christmas scent is all over..you can feel the season…just describing it makes you wonder is there any holiday similar to this annual event?i don’t think so……

  16. thanks giving